I'm always working on a project. My interests vary widely, so there's always something new and interesting to do. Here are some of them.

Speaker Boxes (2016)

Built for a friend. 3/4" MDF boxes, maple veneer.

Bottle Tree (2016)

Built as a gift for my mother. 3/8" and 1/2" rebar, steel plate base, stands 10' tall.

Vacuum Table (2016)

Used to form thermoplastics like kydex.

Brass Annealer (2016)

Used to anneal brass casings after resizing for a different caliber.

Shooting Pavilion (2013)

Built at a friend's house.

Carputer (2011)

This is the computer I built to replace the head unit in my car. It's sinced been replaced by a commercial head unit since I ran into hardware problems in the harsh environment of a vehicle.

Kitchen (2011 - 2017)

This is our kitchen remodel. Completely custom cabinets (by myself) and everything else. Finally finished in April.

Trebuchet (2011)

This is a F2K trebuchet my daughter and I built for her senior physics class lab on projectile motion.

Air Cannon (2011)

This is a PVC air cannon my daughter and I built for her senior physics class lab on projectile motion.

Bed (~2008)

Queen size bed for the master bedroom. Solid mahogany and birch plywood, danish oil finish. Many species of hardwood were used in the headboard, which is my own design.

Home Theater (2002)

My original home theater project, in it's original HTML format. I've since redone most of the theatre.

Unity/Gatling Cannon (2013)

This is a technology test for simple gatling cannon for Unity3d.

Unity/Voxels (2013)

This is a technology test for a Voxel engine I'm writing for Unity3d.